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Creating Influence.

The ultimate goal of every podcast is to create influence. No podcast can become influential without attracting and maintaining listeners, in a media playground underscored by audience choice, it is important to create shows that people will love and return to.

Our vision is to create shows that are entertaining and that attract and engage appreciative audiences. Based on the Radio Drama model our passion lies in creating and producing Seasonal Drama content based on the "Episodal” model which has maximum longevity.

Much like the Television Drama model, following a "soapie" type scheduling programme with regular weekly episodes allows us to build audience, become a part of our listeners routine, and track listenership in realtime, and by doing so, to create and build influential media channels for our clients.

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Authenticity is key

People identify with voices they are familiar with. Authentic down-to-earth podcasts have the capacity to connect with an audience in a uniquely intimate, and meaningful way.

Getting Started


So you have an idea for a podcast series! You have mulled over this idea for some time, have a concept that you are passionate about, and think would work, and have finally decided to take the first steps to produce your own podcast. So where do you start?

We will assist you to get your very first podcast off the ground by guiding you through the script design, assist you to construct and develop a compelling narrative, and master the various interview techniques that will make your podcast stand out above the rest, and have maximum impact.

Our experienced audio engineers at PodSoundbite will produce intros with a music track and edit your dialogue stream. Once done we will "final mix" your podcast to international specifications and publish your episodes to all major podcast portals. We will also advise you on how to create effective "pod art", what equipment and software you will need to record your interviews, and how to track listener analytics to effectively gauge the success of your podcasts.

Customers in Control

From customer to listener.
Brands that engage and give their audience what they love and will return to, will grow and remain successful within the distributive media arena.


Growing your Audience

Analysing your podcasts popularity and tracking listenership in real time allows you accurately measure the success of your episodes as soon as they are published. Knowing why listeners remain engaged and when they possibly lose interest is a game-changer. By supplying such highly developed analytics, we enable podcasters to track in "real time" the dynamics of actual listenership engagement. It is now possible to build audiences by the exact measurement of these analytics, informing your approach to developing a successful podcast series.



Formulating the concept is one of the most imortant stages when considering a podcast project. It is never a good idea to produce a single podcast, and we recommend that "seasons" consisting of "episodes" form the basic structure of your project design. Also, it is important to think about who may be interested in your topic of choice and make sure its relevant. Audience demographics are very important. We assist you to define your audience and to build the listener base enable you to achieve maximum penetration.



Creating your podcast is the fun part and we suggest that you always start with a written script. This will enable you to structure and edit the story on paper prior to recording any material. A solid and well structured script goes a long way to achieving the best possible result. Including characters in the script also allows one to read the podcast episode from top to tail, and to fine tune the narrative which saves a lot of money by reducing post-production time .



By the time your series is ready to be published, considerations like suitable Podart, length of episodes, number of episodes in a season etc should all have been attended to. We assist by publishing and scheduling your podcast epsiodes for broadcast across all popular platforms like iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify etc. By providing real-time analytics we enable you to track your podcasts popularity in real-time which allows you to develop what appeals to the audience most as your production progresses.



Our range of services includes recording backup and training on available software, advice on remote interview recording, voice over recording, dialogue editing, music production for your endboard stings, foley and sound effects for dramatic productions, final mixing, podcast hosting and automatic publication to the most popular podcast channels. All podcasts are provided encapsulated in a streaming player which can be embedded on your website, includes a RSS feed capability, and can be shared across all social media channels.